A zebra with sunglasses and laser eyes spelling Z.


My research interests include compilers, numerics, formal verification, and fabrication. Even outside of the lab, programming is one of my favorite activities, though sometimes I struggle to fit personal projects into a tight schedule. I also help organize our running club, attempt small knitting projects, and practice cooking vegan food. I can juggle and solve Rubik’s cubes, but not at the same time. Also, my name has a wicked cool anagram.

I spent six sunny years at UC San Diego working on my PhD with my incredible advisor Sorin Lerner. Throughout grad school, Sorin set a stellar example of how remarkable doing research can be when you put students first, an example I strive to emulate. I also learned many invaluable lessons from the great Ranjit Jhala, especially when it comes to writing and presentation: less is more!

I graduated from Purdue University back in Spring 2007 with degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics. As an undergraduate, I was fortunate to perform research with Suresh Jagannathan on the SML compiler MLton. For our Honors Project, advised by Antony Hosking, my good friend Bill Harris and I designed and implemented a domain specific language to control a giant neon sculpture over the web. Over nearly three years, I ran the lab component of Purdue’s introductory Java programming course.


We have a great running group, Race Condition Running, that trots all over Seattle and gets brunch each week.

Race Condition Running

I am a big fan of Baja hoodies. Luckily the PLSE faculty also have incredible fashion sense.

Zachary Tatlock and UW PLSE Faculty

I help out with a bunch of stuff around the Allen School, including TGIF. Sometimes famous guests swing by :)

David Walker, UW Dubs, Zachary Tatlock TGIF

I also help Hank Levy and Adriana Schulz write the annual faculty skit where we dress up and try to take things a little less seriously.

Zachary Tatlock as Charlie Brown in UW Faculty Skit

There is always something happening in the Allen School; it can be tricky to juggle everything going on 🤹

Zachary Tatlock juggling

Once while interning at MSR India, I got to drive an auto rickshaw.

Zachary Tatlock driving an auto rickshaw

My academic genealogy has some interesting characters:

The best bound I know my Erdős number, is 4 via James:

Zachary Tatlock Erdős number via James Wilcox

or via Pavel:

Zachary Tatlock Erdős number via Pavel Panchekha

or via Tom:

Zachary Tatlock Erdős number via Tom Anderson

I have been very fortunate to work on projects with many amazing collaborators. If your first name starts with F, Q, U or your last name starts with I, U, V, X, Y let’s write a paper together!